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#Login to Zapier

Go to and login. Create an account if you dont have one.

Make a new zap
Once logged in you can create a zap or use any of the existing zaps. In this example we are creating one.

Select trigger app
As we are planning to do some action on recieving data from a webhook, search for webhook and select webhook as trigger app.

Copy the custom webhook url
You will need this url to configure export to webhook in spotipo

Test webhook url
You can optionally test if webhook url is correct by posting some data to given url. Here we did not send any data. If you dont want to test now, skip test and continue

Select action app
Upon receiving data from a webhook, we do some action with action app. Select from given list of action apps

If you dont find required app, try searching for it in the search box.

Configure action app
Configure the action app selected. Here we are using email app. If you select some other app, configure it accordingly.

Check your email if you received test message.

Turn on zap
When everything is configured, turn on the zap

Enable Export to Webhooks in Spotipo
Go to Settings->Exports and enable export to webhooks

Configure zapier webhook url

Optionally enable custom data

Dont forget to click finish at bottom of the page when everything is configured and saved.
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